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  1. Hi, Pablflleras. Sorry I have nothing to help you with as I faced problems recovering encrypted data after a new computer replacement. I forgot the passcode and all items were encrypted. The developer indicated that the files to the original owner should have been accessible in their native (pre-encrypted) format but they were not. This meant I lost all my previous (but highly important) data. My suggestion to you is to contact Piriform Technical Support (for RECUVA) directly and request their help. Of course, I don't know if the drive size (1TB) can be successfully scanned by the program for corrupted/recoverable files by their software. Very sorry. Good luck! Sincerely, JackAnt
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    External Drive

    Hi, lesliegug. I am not a regular user of Recuva but the wizard (upon launching Recuva for the very first time -- thus, maybe requiring you to uninstall then reinstall it) allows the user to SELECT the drive to be browsed for files to recover. I have not used the feature for an entire drive and hence I do not know how well it will/can do so. The software was able recover files that were encrypted on a flashdrive/thumbdrive but, unhappily, I had forgotten this fact about them and could not view the contents of the files. This may serve as a warning that old files may be recovered but you will need to have password or other keys in order to reutilize them. I hope this helps. JackAnt
  3. Hi, DennisD. Thank you for addressing my problem BUT I searched the site and looked for a means of editing an incomplete but POSTED response and found NONE. Hence, nothing addresses the issue of being able to correct or edit an already posted message AFTER the fact. JackAnt Woops! I just FOUND IT, as this post may evidence. There IS an "Edit" link to the same message allowing correction OR editions to be made AFTER the fact!!! THANKS VERY MUCH AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS, DennisD!
  4. Dear Piriformboy9317, Sorry I can't answer your question BUT I also have experienced a similar problem leading to my dissatisfaction with Recuva and Microsoft Office. The former unhappiness was due to the files being unrecoverable and the latter because the loss was due to Microsoft (changes to its OS). Once again, I am sorry for my lack of expertise to help you and hope that someone else will be able to do so. Anonymouse
  5. Thank you, DENNISD, for you informative response to FOSSICKER. However, CCleaner has an option to wipe a drive clean using one to several passes. I no longer use it for such purpose as I often just use the Windows 10 formatter which also takes quite a bit of time to wipe the disk clean and format it. Even so, the Quick Format option is very fast and your information has helped me to realize that the pre-existing information was NOT scrambled and the space made available by returning it to the available space heap. Again, thank you for the useful response.
  6. OR Recuva error indicates that the format is unrecognized!!! However, Community Members, I just shut down my system for several hours to return to an UNFORMATTED DRIVE and LOST FILES!!! However, dear members, just before this unhappy event, I had gone through the same problems now two times before making the microcard on a Microsoft Surface 4 Pro very unreliable. Comments are welcome. Anonymous-3.13
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