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  1. On 16.5.2018 at 18:24, nukecad said:

    Have you actually read the above posts?

    There is a change promissed for the next update which will let you pick which screen you see.

    Yes it said it will come with the may release. I downloaded the version which was released in may and still didn't see any way to skip this message thats why I posted here.


    8 hours ago, Stephen Piriform said:

    The v5.42 hotfix was released ahead of the v5.43 release because we felt that an urgent fix was needed for some users who were losing their Chrome preferences after a clean. I have explained the specifics of this bug in this post.


    The v5.43 release, which contains the setting for the Cleaning Results, has been delayed for a few reasons:

    1. Our testers needed to focus on the critical hotfix released mentioned above.
    2. The Windows 10 April Release (build 1803) contains a very nasty bug that can prevent Windows 10 from booting after the Font Cache is cleaned. While this cleaning rule is not enabled by default, we do believe that the severity of the issue is strong enough that we should delay the v5.43 release to add a temporary fix to prevent our users from encountering this issue.
    3. The Windows 10 April Release has resulted in compatibility issues with many software products, so we are spending some extra time to test it.

    v5.43 is in final testing and will not be too much longer.

    Thanks for posting usefull information instead of bulls**t.

  2. The CCleaner redirects me to: http://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/update?a=0&v=5.42.6495&l=1031&o=10.0W6&t=4&au=1

     A new version, 5.42.6499 is available to download!



    The Download redirects me to: https://filehippo.com/de/download_ccleaner

    CCleaner 5.42.6495



    Why do you redirect us to a downloads site where we get an old version? After installation we just get the same popup about the update again! Please update your downloadlinks. I used this downloadlink to get the lastest version: http://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/download/standard



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