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  1. Hi everyone, My girlfriend recently (like, yesterday) purchased a new ASUS Zenbook 305, 8gb RAM with Windows 10. I believe it's the one that's available here. It started fine, but she asked me to clean it up (get rid of the bloatware on Windows 10 etc). I downloaded CCleaner, Chrome, Google Drive and Spotify, then proceeded to use CCleaner to: 1. Remove (using the uninstall tool) what i assumed was bloatware (various apps including Mail and Calendar, Booking.com, Alarms, CandyCrush etc). I checked online before removing things to ensure, as far as I could tell, that they weren't necessary. 2. Run a system analysis and subsequent clean. During this I ticked ALL of the 'Advanced' boxes in CCleaner too. This all went fine at the time - only took a few minutes. However, when I went to restart the computer later it wouldn't get past the black screen with the circle of rotating dots when rebooting. It seems to go to sleep after 15 minutes or so or this screen, after which I need to hold down the power button to turn it off in order to get it to try again. Do I simply need to carry on waiting, and ensure it doesn't put itself to sleep by wiggling the trackpad often enough, or have I potentially done something damaging? I'm not suggesting this is CCleaner's fault at all - more that I may have misused it to uninstall things! Thanks Chris
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