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  1. Maybe the reason is... you have many resources. So you don't notice such Lasso'performance. I work with Win 2000, PC 860 Mhz, 510 RAM... (not a top choice... but I don't want to change... I like it). E.g.: when I open - at the same time - 15 sites in my Maxthon the computer hangs. Process Lasso works: "Process priority temporarily lowered - consuming too many CPU cycles". Others processes can to do their work. Lasso is customizable. GUI doesn't need to be activated. Process Explorer has plenty of info. Process Lasso is action.
  2. MajoMo


    Information appreciated, Humpty. Shared comments. Thanks again.
  3. MajoMo

    CDBurnerXP 4.0

    CDBurnerXP v. 4.0.013 released. It wasn't released since 3 years ago. Setup package size is now 1,92 MB against 12 MB in v. 3.0. CDBurnerXP is a free application to burn CDs and DVDs, including Blu-Ray and HD-DVDs. It also includes the feature to burn and create ISOs, as well as a multilanguage interface. Everyone, even companies, can use it for free. It does not include adware or similar malicious components.Key Featuresburn all kinds of discs audio-CDs with or without gaps between tracks burn and create ISO files data verification after burning process create bootable discs multi-language interface bin/nrg → ISO converter, simple cover printing and much more! Operating Systems: Windows 2000/XP/2003 Server/Vista Info + Download: http://www.cdburnerxp.se/features
  4. @ slowday444, I'm trying it and it does - very well - the work. A good piece of software to manage CPU resources. If the user wants can to replace the task manager with it. Thanks for the sugestion.
  5. MajoMo


    Someone know if the user can disable the warning that comes out after to use it 30 days? Thanks.
  6. dsCrypt - standalone, 25kb.
  7. MajoMo


    A reliable registry cleaner from "Marcos Velasco Security" is MV RegClean released recently to version 5.0. This application is a trusty and non-aggressive Registry Cleaner. With a friendly user interface, can be used through command line, this will allow to use MV RegClean through a batch file or scheduling a task. When MV RegClean is ran through command line, it does all the cleaning without user interference, with the security backup. Operating Systems: Win Vista (32/64 bits) - Win XP - Win 2003 - Win 2000 Pro- Win ME - Win 98 MV RegClean 5.0 Download Language Versions (with help file) here: EnglishDutch - Nederlands Italian - Italiano French - Fran?ais Portuguese-br - Portugu?s-br Portuguese-pt - Portugu?s-pt Spanish - Espa?ol
  8. @ DennisD, With the link that you provided I got Adobe Reader 8.1 Lite in my language. Thanks for this attentiveness. Regards.
  9. No. No one problem with to open pdf E-Mail attachments. The annoyance is with the attachments that are inside of PDF files. E.g. a PDF file that has build-in it a .doc/.xls file. PDF-XChange Viewer and Foxit Reader don't show the files that are inside of a PDF file.
  10. Like I said in this topic actually PDF-XChange Viewer is a very good PDF reader (and freeware). A review about XChange Viewer here. The developer has improved this application and the users have several updates versions lately (with palpable enhance). The last was the v. It has the useful basic edit features like typewriter that allow several practical tools: highlight text, comments and markup. Tools like loup, a button to open the document in others pdf readers (Adobe and Foxit) are interesting options. Unlike rivals Adobe Reader and Foxit Reader it is a tabbed browsing pdf reader. It don't support yet the browser displayed though. Like I need to use pdf files with attachments I have also Adobe Reader (neither XChange and Foxit support to show the attachments). To decide between either Foxit Reader (search feature is a bad point) and PDF-XChange Viewer? IMO - PDF-XChange Viewer of course...
  11. If AdAware 6 is still installed you can try to find (in programs > AdAware 6'folder) the file install.log. If install.log can't be found you can't uninstall it normally. If you have yet the AdAware 6 installer you can try the expeditious Tarq57'suggestion - however the new install.log will not have the same installation info. But works out your problem. If you haven't the AdAware 6 installer you need to do a manual uninstallation. Windows Installer Clean Up don't works here - AdAware is installed with Wise Installer that don't use Windows Installer.
  12. Don't be afraid... The problem is when we do what we shouldn't have done... Then we'll say that the culprit is the application like ZSoft Uninstaller and/or Total Uninstall... A typical human reaction. There aren't here a bug question - only a user performance issue. Maybe some of the comments in the below link can clarify you better about your reasonable question. http://www.wilderssecurity.com/showthread....9778#post859778
  13. Anthony A, Revo Uninstaller don't "tracks your installs like Total Uninstall and Zsoft Uninstaller does so you can completely remove them." It "scan before and after uninstall of an application you can remove unnecessary files, folders and registry keys left over in your computer." It's not the same... A subtle and crucial difference.
  14. Thanks Hazel for the info. Download done...
  15. Same to me. Win 2000 Pro Analyse process found one index.dat file only - but can't remove it. After rebooting the file is the same (size and the content). Can't find the others index.dat'files. With another app. like MV AntiSpy and Index.dat Suite all the index.dat files are found and deleted. The source'problem can't to be about OS and/or language OS.
  16. With a good-looking PDF-XChange Viewer is a PDF Reader, easy to use and with useful features. It is a pdf tabbed browsing, practical app. for the users that need to open and work with several pdf'files - a great feature; Add comments and annotations, without to be required the PDF creation tool; in Typewriter mode allows to type directly on any PDF page and markup pages with text and objects. With a loupe tool. It can export PDF files to the supported image formats (BMP, JPEG, PNG, etc.). In the near future is forecasted some enhances like full JavaScript Forms support, improved initial load speed, multi language support, typewriter formatting options, portable version, etc. Freeware, Windows 2000 and later. "The setup file is 12MB, but in fact, without the help files, just the core files can zipped to a 3MB package." Included separate builds for X32 and X64 versions. PDF-XChange Viewer has the attributes and a skillful background support to become a very good alternative PDF Reader. It's worth trying it.
  17. Hi DennisD, For a look at this picture... What will happen next? Would be your money on the...
  18. JkDefragGUI updated to v. 0.7; added JkDefrag v. 3.8. JkDefragGUI 0.7 is a singular GUI: 1) it's a stand-alone app. (with needed files auto-extracted in the same folder); 2) it's a installer: with it the user can to do a Windows and Screensaver (with total customization) installation/uninstallation . Either one installer'options are useful to the beginners and common users - the users want to use, not to think about. The user can disable the installer and sheduler tab's. A good work from Emiel Wieldraaijer. ScanDefrag was updated recently. A useful utility to a computer maintenance. To be used periodically, once in a while. With it the user can configure some disk utilities as part of the next Windows' startup process, like: ScanDisk/Chkdsk, Disk Defragmenter (with JkDefrag), to run Mark Russinovich's PageDefrag (to defrag paging files and Registry hives), etc.. Dirk Paehl made a GUI to JkDefrag. It was with pleasure that I saw that. Dirk Paehl is a multifaceted author from open source/freeware programs, like the excellent UPX Graphical, encryption software (Protect Exe), compression (ArcConvert), PDF and burning tools. Another one welcomed work from Dirk.
  19. rridgely, Sorry for any annoyances. Thanks for changed part. Regards.
  20. MajoMo

    AVG Free

    I'm find pleasure in using your splendid and useful sugestion. And it is with real pleasure that I do that. Thanks again.
  21. Spyware Terminator from Crawler has a very good Real Time Protection. Right through it the user have a control on a startup items, changes in hosts file, file extensions, BHO, etc.. In the latest v. 1.8.6. 988 Spyware Terminator enhanced it Real Time Protection. Don't confuse Spyware Terminator (Crawler) with Spyware Terminator 4 from Invender. This is a rogue application. You can't try it - if you want to try it you need to buy it... To scan the PC I also use Ad-Aware Personal and a-squared Free (a2 have a good malware detection ratio). I read somewhere that Lavasoft did an agreement with WhenU to not to detect the adware WhenU/SaveNow. It seems to be true because I have an application that needs this adware to work and Ad-Aware never detected it. And I don't know yet if Ad-Aware 2007 alfa will be available in 2008...
  22. MajoMo

    AVG Free

    I did in my "winapp2.ini" a entry for the $*.AVG files that emerged in mine "Avg7Data" folder. Now I have the entry [*Grisoft AVG 7.5] - with ?*? to distinguish oneself from "winapp.ini", to follow the splendid JDPower'sugestion. Thank you very much JDPower for this tip!
  23. For all who want to know more about this excellent application this documentation is an useful guide. Comodo BOClean is v. 4.23 but the diferences are minimal (like icon). Enjoy the use - and real self-protection - of Comodo BOClean.
  24. Like Anthony A I replaced Task Manager. For that I use DTaskManager, 150kb: TM stay very enhanced.
  25. MajoMo

    AVG Free

    Like Andavari I have in "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Grisoft\Avg7Data" some files $*.AVG, each one with several MB. The dates of the files are from November 2006, when I had a problem with my OS. I needed to repair Windows and AVG Free didn't work (the licence number wasn't accepted; reinstall forbidden). I uninstall AVG with ZSoft Uninstaller and reinstall again AVG. Maybe these files have been created because that. In the AVG'Forum (this post) there are something about this issue.
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