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  1. I can confirm this bug is now fixed with V5.29 downloaded and tested this morning,
  2. Ok, i am also using windows 7, if i put back in Firefox and Chrome, but leave "Compact Databases" unticked, CCleaner works, so definately in the right area
  3. unticked the Chrome cleanup - Still failed this time while doing Firefox - reran with /debug files attached had to change the extention on both files to get it to allow the upload CCLeaner64.exe.4808.dmp CCleaner64_v5.27.5976_2017-02-16_11-16.log let me know if you need any other files or info CCleaner64.exe.4808.txt CCleaner64_v5.27.5976_2017-02-16_11-16-41.txt
  4. downloaded and installed this morning, it starts up ok, Analysis ok, starts running clean up then crashes, without giving a decent error message, screen shot attached
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