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  1. I accidentally overrwrote a file (an HMTL specifically) in a specific folder, but I just want Recuva to scan that folder. How do I go about that? Entering the folder path in the search field does not specify to that folder at all, it just attempts to scan the entire drive.
  2. I've found that Recuva resets both the "date created" and "date modified" on files it recovers. The creation date is unreliable and not important, but I'd ideally like to retain the last modified data on files that I recover. I've been told by Seagate that their recovery software retains the last modification date, but does anyone know of any other data recovery software that retains this?
  3. Well, I was pointed to Seagate's FAQ, and it says this: http://www.seagate.com/services-software/recover/recovery-software/ But I've noticed something about many of the files/folders I've been unable to recover. I was mainly looking in the general listing for all files of a type (like all mp3 or FLAC files), and I'd see multiple copies or very similar of a file, and all or just one of them would offer a preview. But when I'd track down the directory they were in, the file in there would preview. For example, these are the files at the very top of my FLAC files ordered alphabetically:
  4. Not sure what you mean by "Sort on folders by clicking the Path column header." Do you mean just selecting a folder and expanding it?
  5. I have a hard drive I'm trying to recover data from (not deleted data). The hard drive is actually undamaged and technically perfectly functional, it's just that all of the data I transferred on it from another (both of the same model, a Seagate, and the new one is a warranty replacement of the one I moved data from) is completely inaccessible through normal means, even though the hard drive properties show the space as being occupied by the exact amount I copied over. I ran a 12 hour+ scan with the trial of Seagate Recovery Suite, and it managed to find seemingly every single piece of data as
  6. I know Recuva has an option to include the original folder structure, but in my basic tests (like of my current drive, which is healthy, has comparatively little on it and takes no time to scan), I don't see any identifiable folder structure, it's just a huge list of files alphabetically. Would this only show up if I paste everything in bulk? I think I'd want to prioritize some folders when I do a full scan of a drive I'm having issues with, would I be able somehow identify individual folders to extract? At the same time, when I try to select a type from the filename/path dropdown in the searc
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