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  1. Still have issue with an AMD XP SP3, motherboard w 2GB Ram. NOTE: Oops typo in error location (0xc000001d) .. not 0xc000001cd, ..hope it helps to solve this. Reverted back to 5.26 and that version worked, but if upgrade attempt was made from 5.26 to 5.27, the error was present again. Agree it might be related to lack of SSE2 support as in Firefox etc.
  2. Hello Piriform Community, Odd bug found today that has not been experienced before on an older AMD Windows XP SP3 OS platform. Agree that OS is very old, but bug seen is only seen on that platform here. Very odd since Win 7, 8, and 10 Pro OS, CCleaner opens and runs without the below error code. ISSUE NOTES: We can download, install ver.5.27..., BUT after installation, it will not open or Run. v5.26... ran well up to today, but after 5.27 attempted to replace 5.26, C Cleaner will not run/open. Now, even 5.26...will not reinstall now. SECURITY scans were run & no threats were found..using 1 at a time, Bitdefender, Malwarebytes, and even Super Antispyware. ERROR: What we get is an older type of error code w an ( X in red circle) followed by below error statement/code: (RED circle with white X ) The exception: Illegal Instruction An attempt was made to execute an illegal instruction. (0xc000001cd) occurred in the application at location 0x0051ea95. Click on OK to terminate the program Click on CANCEL to debug the program OK Cancel 1) Is there a permission or setting that had gotten changed without notice? 2) Is there an older version that will run and then allow upgrade to 5.27 which avoids bug? We also tried with all security off ..and/or uninstalled to attempt CCleaner install - same error seen. Appreciate your kind reply with solution.
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