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  1. Hi Folks, Thanks Dennis. That sounds like a plan, a very reasonable workaround. Simply automate CCleaner to do the limited functions and leave it at that. Either from the system tray or from a scheduler. The only disadvantage is that the user does see all the nice cleanup, unless you sit them down and take a regular interface spin. Shalom, Steven
  2. Hi Folks, CCleaner is an excellent software, as most of you know. One question. Is there a way to install CCleaner with the registry functions disabled, or non-functional, or grayed out, or in some way incapacitated. The reason I ask is that I consider *all* registry cleaners inherently dangerous, much more so in the hands of folks non-tech, and if you leave the software installed in an office environment a user may get too aggressive. Granted this may be a possibility with some other functions, but to a far less extent. Any functions or ideas or methods appreciated. Thanks. Shalom, Steven Avery
  3. Hi Folks, You also could mention the AS-400 emulation program, Client Access is the main one from IBM, yet others have BOS and a number of others. It is strange that you cannot do an uninstall, does it show up in add/remove ? (Notes: you might use the Revo Uninstaller for this rather than the one in CCleaner, since it is designed to clean up some extra stuff beyond add/remove. I think there also is a hunter mode for programs not in add/remove although another possibility is that the program has an uninstaller that is not registered in add/remove, then you use that.) Also the safe mode idea is good.) However I also am not convinced that Defraggler was the issue, as far as I know it works through the Windows API so it would have a hard time losing any files . Especially 'later' rather than immediately. Make sure you do some checking in Event Viewer and try to see if there is any other sensitive programs doing stuff on the puter. And maybe check with the emulation vendor if they do anything special with file placement (although some of those companies are mostly orphan now in support, since Client Access is so capable and folks use it and Navigator). You do not mention any discussions with the vendor. Keep in mind that most of the PC folks are not involved in AS/400 emulation, so that part of the discussion will sound Greek. Shalom, Steven Avery
  4. Hi Folks, Interesting thread. One point should be mentioned - some folks feel the benefits of "optimization" can be more chimera than reality. As much effort and wear than benefit. One reason, as I understand, is that the Windows disk API (used for any safe defragger since Windows has a very sound and safe file moving methodology) works with a virtual picture of the disk, surprisingly enough. The counterpoint to this is that perhaps the virtual picture is close enough to the real picture to still be of benefit, that question is up in the air. The author of DiskTune (DIY Data Recovery), another worthwhile free disk defragger, has discussed this on some forum, I think it was DonationCoder. I'm not sure how the "shootout" author looks at this, keep in mind that since he was specializing in defragging I think he is locked in to the idea that optimization is kewl. However I read his stuff a while back. Very good to get an overview of the issues. And disk access for many purposes is far less a clog-point these days than internet slowdowns and traffic, and often even than CPU and RAM concerns. Not that many applications are very disk intensive, and even there cache tweaking is probably in many instances more significant that disk access placement. Disk reads are pretty quick these days, finger-typing is slow. Oh, one point about optimization is that you really have to take one defragger and stick with it, since various optimizations will fight each other on placement, moving stuff around unnecessarily. In the past I liked the Auslogics tool (current versions I think are not free .. correction, that is their registry defrag and sysinfo tools that changed, the Auslogics defrag is fine although missing some Piriform nice features) yet DeFraggler has become my #1 choice. Definitely I like the idea that you can pick files (e.g. take that 10 gb PST file only, or check the others and omit that one) and that there is a nice interface and background tasking and simplicity of use. Excellent . Even if I was trying to optimize, I probably would only do that weekly or monthly and would check with DeFraggler in the interims occasionally. Great tool, overall, thanks Piriform. JkDefrag has a great reputation too, and there is a separate GUI front-end, however so far I find Defraggler to be excellent and more than sufficient and I prefer when the tool is all-in-one. Shalom, Steven Avery
  5. Hi Piriform forum, This is a common Google problem. e.g. now there is one for various dubious products, some advertising Defrag. PCOnpoint was one, RegCure is another ultra-dubious one. At a glance, most of the Google ads look like scam, except the Diskeeper one, these guys are quite sophisticated and it is quite an industry. This is a general scourge in PC-land, but more so in websites that have excellent products, also security forums and more. Many of these products are quite obviously scams (after a bit of researching) but they are careful to either be new and change names or keep off the rogueware lists (which have to be conservative for legal reasons) by not doing the more blatant spyware and hijacking maneuvers. They do phoney fear-mongering, invalid results, 'free scans' that lead to forcing $ to do anything, then what they do is ultra-dubious, difficult deinstallation, unethical billing practices unannounced, the list goes on and on. If Piriform could help take the lead in combating this (a big project) it would be appreciated. At least consider what you can do to try to keep Google honest, or find other venues. Please, you have a top-notch company, maybe this can be put on the very warm burner. Thanks. Shalom, Steven Avery Queens, NY
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