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  1. Another vote: Please add an option to enable 'Advanced Report' as the default. (Came here hoping to find a way to do so, from a long-time user with multiple licenses) The new default provides too little info to be useful, but appears to reserve real estate for advertising. I already paid.
  2. Well, I realized I was unnecessarily trying to do this the hard way... I'd never looked into the CCleaner 'monitoring' features since I generally try to avoid programs that 'monitor' in the background. But now that I understand the option to turn on 'browser monitoring' wherein it will automatically clean a selected browser on each exit: that does it nicely for me and worth the monitoring.
  3. Many thanks DennisD & Andavari... sounds like reasonable workarounds (and coupled with the shortcut with /AUTO). Will give it a try.
  4. I'm seeking a way to quickly launch CCleaner to just clean one app (e.g. Chrome), rather than all checked applications (similar to what you can do with CCleaner UI open and right-clicking on an app). Use case would be after some Chrome browsing, just quickly wipe new cookies, history, etc. Preferably this would be from command line, something like /AUTO but limited to a single app for speed. Is there any way to do this, if not directly through some clever trick with pointing to alternate INI files or a second install, etc? Thanks
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