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  1. 1) In the Free-version there's an option in which you can check a box to get informed when an update is available. 2) The reason why it's important to me to have ánd see that 5th unused <upgrade>-button in the left pane is, because I think it's surreptitious and it wasn't there in previous versions.
  2. https://piriform.zen...ense-valid-for- It's still not clear what to do after that first year. f.e. 1) how to update manually (with free- or pro-version) 2) what about that 5th <upgrade>button in the left pane; will it reappear when subscription is not continued??
  3. please tell it some more concrete; I don't understand. The question was: when I've purchased pro, and will have to update (not upgrade) áfter the first year (because updates don't come automatic anymore), hów do I update than manually? with the free version of with the pro-version? and will áfter such an update the <upgrade>button doesn't show up anymore?
  4. is somebody else there to answer my question? about updates after one year?
  5. Sorry... I see that I have posted twice about the same.. :-) So when I buy the pro-version, I have no <upgrade>button and get automatic updates 1 year long After that year I retain the Pro-version (so without that <upgrade-button), but have to update manually. I presume that I will be attended when an update is available. (that box is checked) In that case (after one year) I wonder how to update. I will be guided to the website of Piriform and which choice do I have to make then? Free- or Pro-version? or what? Thanks again for your kind answer :-).
  6. @mta When I buy the pro-version, so I get a key by email.. I will receive automatic updates during one year, and after at year my pro-version remains Pro on my PC After one year I presume that I will be reminded that an update is available (that box is checked) o.k.? How do I update then manually? Which option should I choose from the website of Piriform? The free- or the pro-version. :-) Thanks in advance for your answer
  7. Thanks a lot mta and nukecad for your extensive information! No, I won't pay each year for the pro-version. I'm afraid there's no other option for me then accept that <upgrade>-button. Pity. In this free-version I am monthly reminded that there is an update available and am I asked for permission to download it. Thank you all for your help. :-)
  8. Still a last question; when I upgrade to Pro (E 14,95) does that upgrade-button then disappear? Are you sure? and is E 14,95 one-off or yearly?
  9. Nevertheless thanks for your quick answers... In behalf of the most rapid approach of the program, I think I'll prefer the (still) irritating 5th advertising/promoting <upgrade>button. Pitty. Maybe I will complain to Piriform; they didn't show that <upgrade>button in their versions before. Thanks again for your patience :-)
  10. Ouww.. this is not nice. Uninstalled Ccleaner, then installed Ccleaner64.exe from the portable version. OK, the upgrade-button (5th button in left pane) is now gone, but..... another disadvantage occurs.. Everytime I want to use cleaner from the shortcut on the taskbar, a pop-up window shows up in which is asked for my permission to run. After hitting <OK> Ccleaner opens. In the options of the Ccleaner the box 'don't ask for UA control' is checked. I find it very annoying to hit that pop-up each time before I can start the program. Accepting that 5th 'upgrade-button' is less irr
  11. thanks for your help, but.... so, what to do now? I've updated AND also new installed with slim-version. How do I get rid o f that button? update again with the portable version (which one... the are 2 exe's in that zip file) or must I uninstall again and install that portable version? please help
  12. I mean that button; see attached file. I didn't have that button before in older versions please help mr getting rid of it.
  13. I did what you said... I have updated with c.cleaner 526 slim, but still got that 5th button 'upgrade' in the left pane. Then I Uninstalled Ccleaner and installed again with ccsetup626_slim.exe. Still got that 5th button in the left pane 'upgrade'. See attachment How do I get rid op that button in the Free version? Please help.
  14. "go to the Pro or ditch the Standard build and get the Portable (and maybe the Slim) build to not show that button" Where can I find that 'slim version'?.
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