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  1. My last post just above contains the false Version 3.9 - To correct this error i now ask: When will CCleaner Version 5.39 appear ? It should happen in the current month January 2018 ! Sincerly chrome_lover from Germany, i know my english could/should get better...
  2. I think, this should happen in Januar 2018 ! Sincerly chrome_lover from Germany
  3. The last version of ccleaner on my PC is v5.35.6210 (20 Sep 2017) - But today we have 19 October 2017... So, normally i would expect a new version of CCleaner like v5.36 ... But now Piriform was bought by Avast Antivirus - i currently use the free version of Avast. Perhaps, Avast will change the monthly updates of CCleaner ?? Please tell me and other users of ccleaner what is going on with the future of CCleaner !! Sincerly, chrome_lover from Germany
  4. Please answer my question, Thanks in advance ! chrome_lover, running chrome developer 59.0.3067.6 under windows 7 sp1 64-bit. :-)
  5. Whenever i open in CCleaner Pro v5.27 the last section "Options" (directly below section "Tools") and then open (by clicking) the entry "Monitoring" (located below "Exclude" and above "Users") then i see under the title "(i) Monitor your applications to perform automatic cleaning" these 3 Entries on the right side: See also my attached .png file "2017-02-17_14.08.04 [CCleaner Pro Monitoring].png" !! 1. "[ ] Enable sytem monitoring" (in the 1. line) "If cleaning saves more then 0,2 GB" (in the 2. line) "then [Prompt me to clean v]" (in the 3. line) 2. "[ ] Enable browser monitoring" (in the 4. line) "Internet Explorer [select action v]" (in the 5. line) "Google Chrome [select action v]" (in the 6. line) 3. "[ ] Enable Active Monitoring" (in the 7. line) >>> I want to _activate_ the 3 Entries shown above so that they show a checkmark inside them like "[v]" - >>> But nothing happens whenever i click on them - that is my problem!! >>> I hope you can help me your chrome_lover, using google chrome developer 58.0.3013.3 (Official Build) dev (64-bit) on windows 7 sp1 64-bit
  6. After auto-updating my ccleaner pro version to new version v5.26.5937 (17 Jan 2017) i get the following error message whenever i try to open "chrome://plugins" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This site can’t be reached The webpage at chrome://plugins/ might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address. ERR_INVALID_URL -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- But with the _older_ ccleaner pro version v5.25.5902 (13 Dec 2016) i could read these 4 wanted "chrome://plugins" - 1. Plugin "Chrome PDF Viewer" 2. Plugin "Native Client" 3. Plugin "Shockwave Flash" 4. Plugin "Widevine Content Decryption Module" What should i do now and how to do this: Return to _older_ ccleaner pro version v5.25.5902 (13 Dec 2016) ?? Sincerly your chrome_lover, always using google chrome developer since many years: last update was "Dev Channel Update for Desktop, Tuesday, January 17, 2017 The dev channel has beekn updated to 57.0.2984.0 for Windwos, Mac and Linux
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