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  1. Yes, I did as I always have done since I use CCleaner the last 5 years : I had renamed the installer in 'CCleaner v5265397 - ccsetup526.exe' I have altered in now in the original name 'ccsetup526.exe' and yesss .... CCleaner 5226 is installed and I just made my first run. The (or my) problem is solved and from now on I know I have to leave my habit to change the name of the launcher everytime an update is available. Thanks for attending me on my failure withis CCleaner-update. I think this topic can be closed???
  2. Today I have received the update 5.26.5937 (free version). When trying to install (= updating the december2016-version), I get the error-message that this free version of CCleaner is not compatible with my recent version of Windows 10 on my x64-system. After deleting the CC-version of last month (as recommended by Piriform itself), I tried a fully clean installation of 5.26.5937, and guess what : this newest version is also not W10-compatible. Last week the automatic Windows-update of Jan. 11th, 2017 was succesfully installed on my x64-system. The update contains: (KB3213986), (KB3213986) and (KB3214628). So what is/are the problem(s) or solution ?????
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