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  1. made the search, right click on search save file list
  2. Hi, i recently made a huge file recovery, after a guy where i work deleted all his files before quitting. i needed a log which was hard to find, but there is only few details, for example: " iata_cd.exe 13017288 D:\MSIa569a.tmp\mb_driver_intel_irst_6series\IRST\ " it would be very good if you add, info, like date created date last modify date deleted date recovered and the option to create an excel file. For legal reason would come very handy, cos right now i'm looking for another program that gives me does details. thanks
  3. is has one, i found it, but there is a big problem, it has no date on each deleted file
  4. Hi guys, First, thanks for this great free tool, it has been a great help. Now... it is very important for me to get a log on what it has been recovered. I cant find it anywhere, and the question is, is it generated somewhere on my pc or do i need the pro version ? Thanks
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