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  1. I can now not even get the Bios on the boot up Simply put this download has ruined my PC. Even more frustrating you cannot contact the company direct .
  2. It takes about 10 tries of turning my machine on and off. Freezing at different points during start up. A number of times I have attempted to re-install windows if gave me a blue screen error The last update was on the 13/1/2017 and its was running fine until the defrag last night. This was the last piece of software installed and run I can't even get it to turn or get to the desktop without numerous attempts . I am serious unhappy and would with experience having run defrag and having major issues . I cannot use my PC , it will not get to the desktop Advise that defrag is not used
  3. I'm using windows 10. When I turn the computer on assuming that is I can get past the boot up screen it is freezing on the screen that says Bios mother board etc or I can hear the hard drive spinning and fan working . But the screen says it is received no no signal If I try to run norton for example it gets so and I get a blue screen saying " your computer ran into a problem.we're just collecting error data and then froze at 40%". I hadn't run defrag before . I removed ccleaner because quite frankly it's looks like using the defrag has done some serious damage to my computer. I would as
  4. I ran a defrag last night. Today I have no end of problems starting my computer with it crashing in the middle of me using it. Then restarts are hopeless . I uninstalled it altogether along with the ccleaner. Anybody any ideas to help solve the problem . I have done nothing different since before using the defragger
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