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  1. OS: Windows 10 pro, 64b Install: Standard, save unticking a few context menu items (Only use CCleaner for registry cleaning) Account: Installed with Admin, later downgraded my regular account to normal user for security reason. Browser: No, as it does not play nice with VPN (WebRTC issue). I only use firefox. Settings: No, it is disabled. I've followed the tips in this thread, but it does not give the sought results
  2. The issue persists in the latest version of CCleaner. I downloaded it a few days ago and at every reboot, CCleaner autostarts. How about fixing the issue instead of recommending the portable version, of which i have little interest? Unless the lack of fixing this issue is an informatiomal notification that CCleaner will be discontinued? While i have plenty of system resources (6700K & 32GB RAM), i prefer to be in complete control of what gets started on my computer.
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