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  1. I think the functioning of Windows 10 is complex. It is not suitable for all PC.
  2. Nowadays, along with the more and more powerful mobile phones, people tend to spend more time with smart mobile phones for entertainment, such as enjoy movies and music, take photos or make video records, reading books or even handle documents work. However, to work on mobile devices is not as convenient as on computers, and it's much easier to make mistakes as deleting files by careless operations. So remember to make backups regularly for those vital files.
  3. A corrupted hard drive always contains important files and folders, how to get data back from it? Is there useful method to repair hard disk without losing data? Yes. Send it to a specialist shop and it is going to cost you a bomb to retrieve, save, recover and extract all your data. So the best choice is to recover files from the corrupted drive with data recovery software.
  4. I read this. I should study about it. And I think this solution will be helpful that is given.
  5. Now at this time which version is availabe?
  6. Hi, I am a learner. I want to learn about database, Photoshop and other things. Please give me some suggestion how can I become an expart on database early.
  7. Computers produced for personal use have a certain lifespan. In particular the main piece where data is stored the "hard disk” has a rotating disc that contains a very sensitive device that does about a thousand cycles per min. Drives are like old records, spinning in a magnetic vacuum. They are very sensitive instruments, suffering sudden blows while moving will greatly damage them. And when the life span assigned to them is taken into account (which can be estimated by the warranty period) the possibility of losing data is a threat that cannot be ignored.
  8. DMA is a technology found in devices such as CD/DVD drives and hard drives, by means of which the DMA capable devices can directly transfer data between Computer Memory (RAM) and themselves, avoiding the need of Processor.
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