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  1. Thank you Trium, that worked. According to the forum I have reached my quoto of positive votes, so I can't like your solution, but I do appreciate your support and the clarity of your answer. keen
  2. Hi whenever I run cleaner it deletes my recent and pinned files in MS Office applications. I have looked around the forum and found the advice to deselect 'recent documents' in the windows explorer options under cleaner. This has not helped. I have attached an image of the option I changed. What do I need to do to keep my recent and pinned files? BTW it doesn't completely clean the list, it reverts to a very old version. Many thanks keen
  3. Hi I updated Windows a couple of days ago (running Windows 10, now on version 1607, OS build 14393.576). I keep getting notifications that CCleaner is not compatible with this version of Windows. I am seriously considering buying professional plus, but would like to be sure that it will work when MicroSoft does its stuff. What do I need to do? Thanks
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