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  1. Yes, it (CCleaner v5.25.5902 + the latest winapp2.ini) is working fine for me on all of my computers which are all Windows 10 x64 Pro and different hardware platforms.  


    Zip your winapp2.ini and attach it to a post here so I can take a look at it.  I assume that you use "trim.bat" to reduce the size of the big winapp2.ini to match your system, eh ?  You didn't accidentally put it in your C:\program files\CCleaner as winapp2.txt, did you?


    I copy-paste the filename here: Winapp2.ini


    Where is the attachment feature here, BTW?

    But, for temporary, I could provide its SHA-1 checksum for you: f1f6539ffe5ddfaa684f1985f17d0b78a7bdff60


    No, I DON'T trim it.

    File size: 5.65 MB (5,932,876 bytes)

    File size on disk: 5.66 MB (5,935,104 bytes)

  2. When you open CCleaner and select "Cleaner" on the left icon bar and then the "Applications" tab, there are no items with an * showing up in the list?  If there are, you have to check mark the ones you want to use.



    There is no asterisk (*) items in Cleaner tab.


    I have been using winapp2.ini since a long time. But, Since the newest version (v5.25), I can't see the asterisk items anymore.


    I installed 5.25 in overwrite mode. I tried to reinstall it (clean uninstall then install it again), but it can't resolve the problem.





    Siliconman01, does it still work for you using v5.25 in your computer?

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