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  1. Well I thought I had found a forum where this kind of BS wasn't going on.. Thanks to all this and I believe it is happening. I'm done here and will not be back. As for CClearner It works well but the first sign of anything it's gone too. If this is allowed by the maker of CClearner Then what might he allow in the program in the furture? adware? I know not right now, and Like I said I keep it for now. But the first time I hear of any doubt it's gone. Cause as far as I'm concern it's already had 2 strikes.. This being one. Don't bother to reply to this.. because I won't be back. But if you feel
  2. You get pop service with hotmail and yahoo free now? like you DO with gmail? Have to check that out. Last I heard you had to pay for it. But it's Free with gmail.
  3. You could use analyze to see what it's going to remove first.
  4. I always set my cache to 0. I have had plenty of people tell me that's stupid. but it's always faster for me. I have a good speed broadband though. If I was on dailup I would have it set to a higher number. comparison or not it would still be faster, if on dailup. Which is what browser cache was designed for to begin with.
  5. I just did a cut and paste of what's new from the forums of thunderbird. But I can tell you this I like the global inbox filters the most so far. An example of how this works is having multi able email accounts and it running the filters on all of them without you having to do anything. Great for killing spam on several accounts super fast. I have mine set to kill the spam to the spam folder and mark them read. I also like the inline spell checker. Just like in a word processor when you type a word hit the space and if it's spelled wrong you get the red line under it. Right click on it and it
  6. wait till 1.1 comes out. I use the nightlys and there is some nice new things coming soon.
  7. I agree with Tarun, in that it's not needed. But I like to say each to their own too. If it works for you, great. But personally I don't see it being much use.
  8. It's up to you of course, but removing the keys isn't as bad as it sounds. I did mine in about 30 minutes the first time I did it. And it feels and looks brand new afterwards. I understand though it does sound a bit scary. I would probably get a new one anyway, I hated the little tiny keyboard that came with my Dell. I need a man's size keyboard.. lol meaning I got big hands.
  9. every keyboard seems to be different, but what I do is pop off all the keys. It makes it very easy to clean out then. I put them on my desktop in the order I take them off so I can remember exactly how they go back. But if you forget most keyboards layouts are about the same, with a couple keys different. A lot of keyboards are made so the keys pop out easy for cleaning, but to know for sure your keyboard manual should tell you how to clean it. I don't think this method would be good for laptop/notebook computers.
  10. I'm 35, and it's good to see other older people here. I see lots of post by people in forums (not here) where you can just tell it was posted by a very young person, no ofense to the young folks intended. But even the young people on here seem to have a better grasp of life then on some forums. I like it here a lot! great app that had a side effect of a great forum!
  11. I too am glad that you and your family and friends are ok. God bless everyone over there at London and look over the injured and familys of the dead very sad news.. brings up old feelings.
  12. I figure storys like these come from someone out for revenge. All companys have these type of storys in some form or another.
  13. (BitTorrent Required for Download) Just wanted to point that out. I know most everyone has one, but I don't.
  14. no expert, but I've done it tons of times, and never had any problems.
  15. IceDogg

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    If some are like me they like to read and learn about the forums first before they do any real posting. At least that's what I always do. Sometimes too you guys do such a great job no one needs to say anything
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