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  1. Simple solution, if I have understood you aright. You can bypass the more tedious options. I agree that when you keep seeing the same offers, you kinda feel you've made your decision on previous visits, but to be fair, I like to give the software creators some opportunity to canvas me. However, as an old hand, with that done, you can save time very simply. You just make a bookmark link to the CCleaner download page on, for example, the Filehippo site at http://filehippo.com/download_ccleaner/ ... and go there directly each time you need to update. You can even drag that link to your desktop if
  2. I love the program and rely on it all the time. However, I do wish the "analyze then clean" process, including backing up the registry to a default location, could be automated somewhat. I have clicked that same boring sequence so often - is it feasible to have CCleaner offer an auto-pilot option, allowing the user to sequence the tasks of analysis, backing up the registry to the default folder, and fixing/cleaning up, without further intervention, after the user pulls the trigger? And the same for the browser-related analysis and cleanup sequence too? Other security products I use seem design
  3. In many years of using the Ccleaner registry clean-up option on many computers each week, with the backup of the registry chosen "just in case", I (and other heavy PC users I know) have never once encountered a problem from accepting the registry clean-up option. I've never had to call on that backup. It seems the clean-up is quite gentle and avoids damaging actions. So I have complete confidence that the pitfalls have been thought through and anticipated by Piriforms programmers, and the dangers avoided. If problems were arising often, after some 2 billion+ downloads, surely the world would h
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