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  1. Unfortunately, this version shows the same problem. I just downloaded the portable version to make sure. Are there any builds between 1.29.714 and 1.30.728 so I could try them out and find the regression?
  2. I just updated Speccy to the new version 1.30.728, but to my disappointment the readout for the motherboard of my Alienware X-51 system is now defunct and shows 28° C all the time! (see attachment) I reinstalled the next older version 1.29.714 to make sure I remember it correctly, and yes, in the older version it works flawlessly. (see attachment) So there is a regression for Dell / MSI chipsets between 1.29.714 and 1.30.728. Could this be fixed again for an upcoming version? I love Speccy because of it's simple but functional UI-design! I'm running Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit e
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