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  1. Hi, I have a question about Wipe Free Space. If I just choose this option (without going into more advanced details) Cleaner will wipe all space (I mean all partitions, for example in my case disc C, D and E) or just main (system) partition? Thanks for answer, have a nice day.
  2. Thanks, I understand now. One more question - can I using this option (wipe free space) while I using computer (browsing the internet, listen to music etc.)? Or i shouldn't do anything on this computer until the end of this process?
  3. Thanks for answer Augeas. So it's unlike to, for example, installation something.
  4. Hi guys, First of all - sorry for my english. I hope that what I wrote is quite understandable I have a question about "Wipe free space" option - how it is if I had canceled this process before it had finished - for example I canceled this at 80% - it's mean that I was wiped this free space in 80% or 0% (becouse the process was not finished)? If it's important - it's about some old version of CC Cleaner. Thanks for answer Regards Reiv
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