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  1. New, definitely odd, and ''not sure if it's related to the same issue'' thing happened. After having clicked on the sub-tab (Options: Cookies), and then clicking on some other (main)tabs... cycling between Ccleaner's tabs, in relatively quick succession just to have a quick look... at one point I clicked back on the (main)'Options' tab, which showed the last sub-tab opened in it (Cookies), and that's when a certainly odd error message popped up. (See new screenshot) ''An error has occurred with the code : 1%'' I'm honestly getting a bit worried there, with Ccleaner (recent) anomalies.
  2. As a last added note : https: //forum.piriform. com/topic/53534-ccleaner-554-not-detecting-or-deleting-cookies/ I had a quick look into that other, fairly similar thread(issue), and I can confirm that if we have ANYTHING in the ''Cookies to keep'' section... Stuff breaks. I removed all the cookies I kept, and could use the normal function of Ccleaner to clear them, but as soon as I added even a single cookie to keep, it broke again. »While the ''blank line'' will persist, if I send it ''to the left'' and make the ''cookies on computer'' reappear, I am able to delete them there *manually*(can shift-click to select them all). That's pretty much the only ''relative solution'' I have found for the moment.
  3. So, context : »(I have use and have the latest version for Mozilla Firefox and the Palemoon browsers.) I was on Ccleaner v5.54.x and I had a few cookies that I had on my ''Cookies to keep'' list. I decide to remove one of them from that list (it was a channelawesome.com cookie). I go to run Ccleaner to clear stuff and I see that ''Firefox - Cookies'' isn't listed in the thing the program cleared(despite being selected). Then I go check on the ''Option : Cookies'' to see what's going on and I see *NOTHING* in the ''cookies on computer'' section and I see that where the ''channelawesome.com'' cookies once was(in the ''to keep'' section) there's now a 'blank spot' I can click on. If I select ''the blank line'' to remove it from the list(moving it to the left), suddenly all the cookies I would have expected to be in the ''on computer'' section appears. Return to try and run Ccleaner to clear cookies and... Nothing is listed as cleared. I return again to the 'Option : Cookies' and... Same thing again. Empty section on the left, 1 blank line(amongst the Kept Cookies), moving it make the cookies on the left reappear. Rinse and repeat, with no progress. »I tried updating to the very latest(free) version, v5.55.x, but it didn't solve the problem. What's going on there, I have never seen something like this happen on Ccleaner before ? Should I ''burn Ccleaner to the ground'' (use Revo Uninstaller Pro) and reinstall it... or did something corrupted something and now it's all irreparable ? (Also, yes, I already tried restarting the computer. Several times.) EDIT: Everything was working fine, *BEFORE* I decided to remove the channelawesome.com cookies from the ''To keep'' list.
  4. It's still an odd behavior, nonetheless, and so it has to be- at least- pointed out. No problem can be solved, if it's not shown and talked about first, after all. If it leads to a better product, then all the better.
  5. I launch Terraria, I close it, I open Ccleaner and ''look for Registry errors''... and this is what I will get *all- the- time*, every time : http://imgur.com/a/YxqiC It's really nothing serious, apparently, but this has been going on for months, if not years at this point. I have always found this weird, and kinda expected someone else to report this a LONG time ago... but, it seems no one ever did, so there I am.
  6. Ccleaner v5.23.5808, Windows 7 SP1... The version of Internet Explorer I have (but *NEVER* use) is v11. I pretty much *only* have it, because it's a requirement for Skype. (I use Firefox/Palemoon for my browsers.) What happens is that Ccleaner will ''hang'' on the IE section of the cleaning, for a while (from 1min to several), before going through it and continuing. Do note that I do NOT have the 'Internet Explorer' program open, only Skype, and all it ''cleans'' is always a bunch of 'Temporary Internet Files' and a few 'cookies' apparently. Under barely 1.3Mo of small files.
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