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  1. New, definitely odd, and ''not sure if it's related to the same issue'' thing happened. After having clicked on the sub-tab (Options: Cookies), and then clicking on some other (main)tabs... cycling between Ccleaner's tabs, in relatively quick succession just to have a quick look... at one point I clicked back on the (main)'Options' tab, which showed the last sub-tab opened in it (Cookies), and that's when a certainly odd error message popped up. (See new screenshot) ''An error has occurred with the code : 1%'' I'm honestly getting a bit worried there, with Ccleaner (recent) anomalie
  2. As a last added note : https: //forum.piriform. com/topic/53534-ccleaner-554-not-detecting-or-deleting-cookies/ I had a quick look into that other, fairly similar thread(issue), and I can confirm that if we have ANYTHING in the ''Cookies to keep'' section... Stuff breaks. I removed all the cookies I kept, and could use the normal function of Ccleaner to clear them, but as soon as I added even a single cookie to keep, it broke again. »While the ''blank line'' will persist, if I send it ''to the left'' and make the ''cookies on computer'' reappear, I am able to delete them there *manua
  3. So, context : »(I have use and have the latest version for Mozilla Firefox and the Palemoon browsers.) I was on Ccleaner v5.54.x and I had a few cookies that I had on my ''Cookies to keep'' list. I decide to remove one of them from that list (it was a channelawesome.com cookie). I go to run Ccleaner to clear stuff and I see that ''Firefox - Cookies'' isn't listed in the thing the program cleared(despite being selected). Then I go check on the ''Option : Cookies'' to see what's going on and I see *NOTHING* in the ''cookies on computer'' section and I see that where the ''channelawesome
  4. It's still an odd behavior, nonetheless, and so it has to be- at least- pointed out. No problem can be solved, if it's not shown and talked about first, after all. If it leads to a better product, then all the better.
  5. I launch Terraria, I close it, I open Ccleaner and ''look for Registry errors''... and this is what I will get *all- the- time*, every time : http://imgur.com/a/YxqiC It's really nothing serious, apparently, but this has been going on for months, if not years at this point. I have always found this weird, and kinda expected someone else to report this a LONG time ago... but, it seems no one ever did, so there I am.
  6. Ccleaner v5.23.5808, Windows 7 SP1... The version of Internet Explorer I have (but *NEVER* use) is v11. I pretty much *only* have it, because it's a requirement for Skype. (I use Firefox/Palemoon for my browsers.) What happens is that Ccleaner will ''hang'' on the IE section of the cleaning, for a while (from 1min to several), before going through it and continuing. Do note that I do NOT have the 'Internet Explorer' program open, only Skype, and all it ''cleans'' is always a bunch of 'Temporary Internet Files' and a few 'cookies' apparently. Under barely 1.3Mo of small files.
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