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  1. Hey! thanks a lot for your answer. Perhaps we speak about different things? In the PortableApps.com scheme, the folder with all the apps is (not hidden, and is): T:\PortableApps e.g T:\PortableApps\FirefoxPortable T:\PortableApps\OperaPortable T:\PortableApps\ThunderbirdPortable etc. and most cached files are not in C:\temp or C:\windows\temp, but below those folders named above inside \Data\, e.g. T:\PortableApps\ThunderbirdPortable\Data\profile The idea (of my feature request) is actually not needing to "know what to clean" but ... ... offer a scanner, which scans T:\PortableApps\ and then maps the results (a list of all installed portableApps) to the already known CCleaner knowledge about those apps. So that their cleaning can be automated. Perhaps in a separate tab, like CCleaner --> Cleaner --> [Windows, Applications, PortableApps]. I think that feature request would greatly improve the scope of this -already fantastic- tool CCleaner. Thanks for considering it. Happy to answer any questions. Andreas
  2. PortableApps - how to configure CCleaner to find & check & clean all apps in the portableApps USB stick? I am using PortableApps.com for most of my applications - so CCleaner will not clean most of my applications. Is there an extension package / prescription / tool, to additionally point CCleaner to the PortableApps folder on the USB stick? If there is none, I suggest automation of this as a feature request. Thanks a lot!
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