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  1. A follow-up to my own post. I wrote a small console program to echo the location of the folder returned bt the GETTEMPPATH winAPI function With env TMP and TEMP vars not set, this returns: C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator ie, my user folder. Of course, I asked CCleaner to remove the contents of my temp folder. So, all my (non-registry) settings disappeared. Under WinXP SP2. According to my (aged) WinAPI guide, if TMP and TEMP are not set, GETTEMPPATH is supposed to return the current folder. There seems to have been a change. Mark
  2. I run CCleaner 1.19.108 with XP sp2. Great program, I got in the habit of pressing "Run cleaner" with confidence. The other day my PC lost a great numbers of settings, stored in "My Documents". Several hours work getting things back to normal ! Today it happened again, after running CCleaner. I investigated. I am a programmer who maintains programs used by other people who all set up their PCs in various strange ways. It is of course often hard to diagnose their problem from the limited info supplied. And, experience tells that the users account of events is not always completely accurate. I ran Analyse ... sure enough CCleaner wanted to delete a host of INI files, bookmarks, etc. I closed CCleaner. I noticed that my windows TMP and TEMP environmental variables were not set. I set them to c:\temp (control panel..system..advanced..environment) I opened CCleaner. I ran Analyse ... this time CCleaner did NOT want to delete the INI files and bookmarks. To check the fault for yourself: Open CCleaner and Run Cleaner. Then Analyse. The list will be short. Close CCleaner Delete windows TMP and TEMP environmental variables. Open CCleaner and Run Analyse. The list will have grown, now including useful files. Close CCleaner Restore your TMP and TEMP environmental variables!
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