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  1. But this is wrong - there is no official auto update on the free version. I've now uninstalled and gone back to 5.39 and blocked CCleaner in the firewall until they stop being so intrusive and unethical.
  2. I am really confused now. I got my Windows 7 laptop out this afternoon (normally use Windows 10 desktop). I hardly ever use the laptop except for with my scanner but it has wi-fi so it connects to the internet and updates Windows and Windows Defender as soon as it's switched on. It hasn't been online or switched on for months. I now find I've got the latest CCleaner on there - and I can't see any option to switch off updates to this 5.46 version. My laptop is underpowered and so I like to have as little running on it as possible - I'm just a little bit annoyed that I can't find a way to switch off updates on this version which I didn't want anyway - CCleaner keeps stopping responding after a couple of tabs. It looks like I'll have to uninstall and reinstall an older version where I CAN switch off updates. This is totally out of order. I can't believe the people who develop this product think this is anything like acceptable.
  3. I went back to 5.40 or something when the version that you couldn't change the settings on came out. Since then I've had update unticked and CCleaner blocked in my firewall, but oddly yesterday it suddenly asked for permission through the firewall for the updater - I denied it again of course - but I thought it was odd. I don't use Avast. It appears there is something a bit untoward going on with CCleaner.
  4. I've got a Windows 7 32 bit laptop and CCCleaner is pretty useless on it now - unless you want to wait ten minutes while it tries to do something with IE. I've tried going back to 5.22 but that was no different. 5.24 installed last night was the same. It's a shame that constant "updates" seem to have ruined the program.
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