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  1. Prior to the most recent Windows 10 Insider Builds (14942(?) - 14965), CCLeaner removed Windows.old completely. No leftovers, just check the appropriate box under Advanced and CCleaner performed perfectly. A new Windows 10 Insider Build has just been released: Build 14971. In the Release Notes, Microsoft states "We fixed an issue that could result in sometimes not being able to completely remove files in the Windows.old folder using Disk Cleanup". So it looks like this was a bug in a few of the pre-release builds and not a CCleaner bug. I will run CCleaner to remove Windows.old after Build 14971 has installed to check that this bug has been fixed. I'll run Windows Disk Cleanup on one of my computers and CCleaner on another.
  2. In regards to: Windows 10 Insider Builds 14942 - 14965 CCleaner does not completely remove Windows.old. The WindowsApps folder remains. I have cleaned up manually by rebooting to Settings/Recovery/Advanced Startup and then running 'rmdir Windows.old /s" from a command prompt. (This side steps having to take ownership of the Windows.old folder). I have not saved debug or log information, but will do so and submit the data if this recurs on the next Build(s).
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