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  1. Hi Andavari I am a professional and have a super computer with a Samsung 1TB SSD drive and an SSD 970 EVO PLUS 1TB NVMe M.2, as well as 4 traditional 4 TB data drives and 32 Gb RAM and run with an Intel i9-9900k processor. I do not take backups every week, but Macrium Reflect Pro performs automatic data backups every single day at. 16:30. Half an hour later, Reflect creates a complete System Image of my C: drive - every single day. Periodically, I also make manual backups to several external hard drives. Therefore, I will always be able to recreate a disk that is 'off' or becomes unstable if it is the Windows drive. However, it is not something to joke about - it can actually go completely wrong if the accident is out. Furthermore, it is not worth the risk because you lack Thumbnails, although it is very annoying to have to spend time restoring them. Thank you for your interest.
  2. Hi Nukecad Thanks for your reply. When CCleaner informs that these files are no longer required by the system, one expects these to be for instance temp files and other temporary indifferent files, but certainly not important images. It is not correct when you type Windows automatically rebuilds all deleted thumbnails. I need to manually open Explorer and select a folder, and then Windows starts rebuilding the contents of that folder. During this rebuild, which takes a very long time with large heavy DNG and TIF images, I can't leave the folder as Windows then stops working on the rebuild immediately. When Windows is finally done with that folder, I then have to select the next folder etc. until I've been through all the folders on the computer. We're talking about thousands! Unfortunately, the work does not perform itself as you incorrectly state. What else this Health Check removes from the computer must remain in the unknown. Evidently it is a secret. For all the users of the world - be very careful about using a program that you do not know exactly. At worst, it could end up with an irreparable BSOD.
  3. Health Check - Unwanted files to remove - Temporary system files - files that are no longer required by your system (translated from Danish). Such information should be trusting, but damn what happened right there. Who has made the decision? The text indicated that these files were no longer required by your system, but not which ones were involved. I am a photographer and am now missing more than 20000 thumbnails in my picture folders. It will take me more than a week to recover my computer. What are you thinking about? I thought CCleaner was a serious product I could trust. I'm f***ing crazy.
  4. After upgrading Windows 10 Pro 64-bit version 1511 to version 1607, I got 3 problems in Event Viewer. A Service Control Manager 7023 followed by two ESENT errors with ID 455(3) and 489(1). If anyone knows about the ESENT problems which affect CCleaner I will be really happy for a solution. Thanks in advance. Cheers René
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