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  1. The latest version will not clean any cookies until you close IE, even then, it sometimes goes through a cycle asking you to close IE after it has been closed. You need to click Options/Cookies to see if cookies have actually been removed, and unless the former has been done, cookies are not removed. This is with Windows 10 x64. If it's now a Microsoft problem, then what's the point of CCleaner?
  2. No, it doesn't do that. I can run CCleaner using 5.22, 5.23 or 5.24 without closing IE11 and it doesn't ask for it to be closed. It only does that when I want to view cookies. So effectively, CCleaner is simply giving the impression that it's cleaning when in fact it's not.
  3. OK, back to 5.22. Ran CCleaner and then closed IE11. Received the same forced closure message when wanting to look at the cookie jar, but the cookie jar is empty. So 'Something is crook in Tallarook' (a small town in Victoria, Australia, that has suffered this saying for a long time). Anyway, things are not as crook in Tallarook as they are at the Cleaner Factory.
  4. I don't think anything has improved. There's another issue that I've noticed that was certainly prevalent with 5.23 and I'll need to check with 5.22 (going back again), and that's when I want to look at what cookies are on the system after doing a clean, I have to force IE11 to close even though it's closed and then I see a screen full of cookies that haven't been cleaned. CCleaner isn't clearing any cookies by the looks of it until IE11 is fully closed by CCleaner and whatever else (Edge? -which I don't use). I'd love to go back to a much earlier version where there didn't appear to be any issues (though who knows what problems the latest Windows updates created).
  5. I installed 5.22 and it appears to be behaving.
  6. Well, it looks like it's getting worse. I've had CCleaner set so it runs on startup and this morning it deleted all of my approved logins.
  7. OI! Us Australian Mexicans are the backbone of the country.
  8. I've been having exactly the same issues for the last week or so, with the latest version. Whether I close down IE, or leave it open, and do a clean, when I check for cookies (I get a notification that IE hasn't been closed and then force a closure) and there's a whole new batch of cookies in the left panel. If I do two cleans in succession, all of my login details etc get deleted from white listed accounts.
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