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  1. Hello. I would like to by the professional versions as a bundle with CCleaner, Defraggler, Recuva and Speccy. Something confuse me: 1.) Is the bought of this bundle only for one year? (As/Like the business versions?) and there are no more updates of the professional bundles after that year and do I really have to pay every year this "one-year" subscription? Same as the business-bundles/-users? OK, I think that (especially the CCleaner) the tools of Piriform are very good and the CCleaner is the only one which I allow to make changes to my Registry, but do I really have to pay that every year? 2.) Can I use one bundle-subscription with my three installations of Windows (Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit, EN, bought two "System-Builder" versions by myself and installed on my PC and my Notebook; and Windows 8.x and Windows 10 as a "computer-science" student free from Microsoft installed on my computer and my notebook with all Windows installation? Or do I have to pay one (bundle) subscription for every installation? In my case six times (and for one year only?) 3.) Is there a student version (and for the bundle-versions) available? T. Jung PS: Comments, tips and hints are welcome :-)
  2. Hello I'm not really sure and did a ring to the german 'reseller', but the support was poor. 1. The CCleaner Pro Bundle (40,- Euro) subsription retired in one year, right? Question1: Do I have to pay 40,- Euro again after this year? Question2: Is there sometihing like a student subsription? (some technical, not asked the reseller, but I would like to know) 1. I always dsable all the automatic updates of evry Software, exept Windows, cause if I enable all the update programs/triggers/schedulers the mashine has a lot to do only to handle the updates, scheduled tasks etc. If I disalbe the automatic install and install the "free" version of e.g. CCleaner from the Website to get a real installer and would this installer, if the 1 year licence are valid, like the pro-Version or do I have to use the automatic update (resource-blowing) 'function'? 3. In case of Recuva... The main diffrence of Recuva and REcuva Pro is to scan e.g. partion Images (files), right? Hope you can help me. Thanks you. T.
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