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  1. As a "not at all, computer savvy", I'm always afraid of getting in some sort of trouble. I've been using the free CCleaner version for years, and I was using the Windows <scheduled> Defragmenter. Now that I've bought the CCleaner Pro Plus, (comes with all the trimmings ) I transferred the Windows Defragmenter to my Documents, and disabled the <schedule>. Should I not renew my Licensed Subscription, next year, for whatever reason, I can always reactivate Defragmenter. But yes, I have only one Defraggler running...CCleaner.
  2. Obviously, I didn't word this right. I'm talking about sneaky "marketing redirect", where, as for exemple, Adobe will check boxes by default, urging the user to download/install something other than what I need. CCleaner Pro Plus does it too. Yahoo and another unwanted boxes are checked by default. I had to be careful to uncheck them before the download. Some of those redirect, not all, are considered to be malicious by my AV. Those are the ones that are also caught by Malwarebytes as well. My point is that MBAM and House Call did not call/catch anything, as malicious, that my Bitdefender had previously allowed.
  3. I did, and I agree. My issue is that, long after uninstalling them, through Control Panel ----> Programs and Functions, I still find them in Downloads and/or Documents, among others. Which is why I bought CCleaner in the first place. Anytime I did a full scan with my AV, and rescanned with the two above mentioned, they came out with "0 threats". Whenever I scanned with the apps, before my AV, they would find/fix issues. IMHO, free versions of any AVs, have limited powers. Hence the need for a third party malware protection.
  4. I have a licenced version of Bitdefender Total Security 2017 (paid) While the free version of MalwareBytes and/or Trend Micro "House Call" scans are good assets, neither does anything more than my current AV. If anything, they remain hidden on my computer, even after I uninstalled them. I did, however, contact Bitdefender Support, prior to buying CCleaner Pro Plus. It was confirmed that both programs can coexist on my machine. If anything, I may have to disable the constant monitoring, if, and only IF, it creates a problem with my AV. So far, (2 days) I didn't encounter any.
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