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  1. Using contig now and it works well. From 6000 fragments to 18 e.g. on 10% free space. I am using defraggler just find fragmented files. I got 66% fragmentation down from 85% and i didn't have time to defragg even small portion yet.
  2. Ah okay, i will try that again, once i reach 15% or 20%. I read 10%. Ty for tips.
  3. I made more than 10% space on disk, yet defraggmenting is still buggy. File defraggmentation is stuck like on 10% or 46%. I am positive it is not open. As it is tv show, don't know why would it be open. Previously i thought it doesn't work because i didn't have enough space on disk, but now i have no idea. Previously similar file defraggmented in minute and now it is taking 30 minutes, it is 100% stuck.
  4. I already closed it, but there was nothing in that section and overall fragmentation even increased. I doubt anything was defragmented. I probably try different program later.
  5. I am positive these files aren't used and no antivirus and still i get this message. In file list is nothing...
  6. I downloaded defraggler because i have to large disk and i can't even defragment it in a day and this program allows to defragment folders only. However i have been getting these messages: Defrag aborted SOme files were not defragmented. This operation cannot be done. And i am unable to defrag anything...
  7. If i run ccleaner it sets itself to run after startup, while at options Run Ccleaner when computer starts is unchecked. I am using windows 7 ultimate 64 bit sp1.
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