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  1. pixk


    Woody. That's the pefect solution. I was not aware of the exact functionality of Firefox Private Data. After trying your suggestion, the cookies left in Firefox after running CCleaner are the ones I want. Thanks.
  2. pixk


    Woody. That's the answer. The left column in CCleaner is now clean, also the same cookies are now out of Firefox. Perhaps I ought to uncheck cookies in Firefox, then after a few sessions before I want to use CCleaner again, check the left column to see if I want to transfer any "keeper" cookies into the right column, then recheck cookies in Firefox, then run CCleaner, so that I can also retain these extra cookies in Firefox itself. Am I making any sense? Thanks.
  3. pixk


    Woody. After running CCleaner I notice that there is NO DELETION of cookies in the left column, the same list reappears. Also, an almost similar list appears in the cookies section of Firefox In the "settings" of CCleaner, I check the box that runs CCleaner at the computer startup. Is this OK? Shall I make other setting changes? Thanks.
  4. pixk


    Thanks Woody for your prompt reply. The more I use CCleaner the more I appreciate just how complete, how exquisite this program really is. Not being of the computer generation, I take comfort that one program, that uses such little system resources, can so clean my computer of useless + malicious material that I cannot even begin to fathom. I also use AVG, AdAware, Spyware Blaster, MRU Blaster, HiJack This, Reg Seeker, Diskeeper Lite, Firefox, all running on Win98SE, on a P3, 600, 256 megs, Ultra-Lite cable internet. That's why this low power computer just continues to perform efficiently, almost trouble free. Thanks, also, for your welcome to the forum.
  5. pixk


    After clicking on "options", then "cookies", I get a window with 2 columns, cookies to delete, cookies to keep. Will CCleaner automatically delete all the cookies in the "cookies to delete" column everytime I run CCleaner. Many of the same ones seem to reappear. I am running Firefox on Win98SE. I am not of the computer generation so please make your reply simple to follow. Thanks.
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