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  1. Nope ...nothing wrong with my rig at all ....maybe your misunderstanding me. I'll try to explain it again. If I click on check for updates just once OR even twice I get this screen... But if I click on check for updates MORE THAN 2 Times it fails .....to test what I'm trying to tell you is to click on check for updates 3 or 4 times please.
  2. Ok its been 3 hours, and you've told me it was a server issue. Well its still not fixed. Click it once or even twice and it will be ok , but after 2 clicks its back to same issue as I reported.
  3. When I click on Check for Updates CCleaner either locks up completely or asks me to register it. I am a registered owner and running CCleaner Pro 5.82.8950 (64bit) Using Windows version 21H1 Build 19043.1081 This is latest release ...
  4. I am also being told my license will expire tomorrow , then its shows me a 1 ,2 0r 3 year option ....I bought this license in 4/18/2019 ....what the heck is going on!!!!!!
  5. Software Updater (CCleaner Professional edition) According to your latest news on CCleaner v 5.55, there is suppose to me a new Software Updater feature to the ‘Tools’ menu. There is No such option under the tools menu on my 5.55 Pro version....what is going on??? Mike....
  6. I agree with Azilkatze, along with the other issue, the latest release runs a lot slower. Just another reason NOT to use 5.41. Version 5.40 Pro, runs just fine for me.
  7. I too do not like the New Look of version 5.41 !!! You've managed to ruin a really great program. I Want an option to have the old advanced summary screen back for every run , without having to click "Advanced Report" every darn time!!!! At least for the Pro versions. I will be removing this new release and re-installing the last good CCleaner. 5.40
  8. Same here says its downloaded, and was successful ....over and over again, this is the Pro version I have.
  9. I have the same problem after upgrading to CCleaner v5.22 !! When user tries to clean the PC, CCleaner takes a VERY LONG time with Edge now. What used to take around 1.5 sec's to 5 sec's NOW can take up to 88 sec's or more!!! This computer uses a Samsung SSD, very fast. Only option I had was to remove the latest update, and go back to v5.21, which works perfectly. Don't know what you guys did, but you messed up my CCleaner Pro pretty good. I also NEVER run Edge on my PC, as I don't care for Edge at all. I use FireFox, Chrome and sometimes IE11. Mostly use FF Mike...
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