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  1. My 1Tb SSD drive is partitioned into two drives C: & D: After reading that Defraggler is SUPPOSED to have a Default 'Optimize' option for SSD drives, I wondered why I didn't see one. Big surprise, Defraggler lists my SDD drives as HDD drives. Why are the identified incorrectly? Also, and certainly more perplexing; why the huge increase in speed after the defrag? I am talking about a two minute improvement. This makes no sense, because I was at the point that if I destroyed the SSD by defragging, I didn't care it was piratically useless anyway. Thanks for your reply
  2. I have MS Surface Pro 4 with a 1Tb SSD card and 16G of ram. Performance was amazing. However, over time, performance began to lag; to the point that start times were beginning to take almost 2 minutes. I used chkdsk and verified everything was as it should be. I also ran a few other dos commands from a elevated command window with no sign of problems. Of course I have always used the Trim function within the Manage Option of the SSD drive. I fully realize that it is a cardinal sin to defrag a SSD Drive, but I bit the bullet and purchased Defraggler Pro and analyzed my system. Shock, horror: 61% fragmented with tens of thousands of fragmented. So I defragged. What a difference!!!!! my machine boots perfectly now and quickly. I have not even had a "wake from sleep" issue that was always present before. Is this normal? How much harm did I cause my SSD drive (if any) Thanks, Darren
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