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  1. I would say it's almost 100% certain that it's the Speccy reading that's wrong! 122°C on a motherboard would be very much a cause for concern if it were correct!
  2. Thanks, I guess Speccy is misinterpreting something that the system is passing to it, but it does seem to be the only thing that is getting it wrong!
  3. Thanks Tom, and sorry for the extremely late reply! I only just went back to the forum after a long time and saw your response. The forum is supposed to send me an e-mail when someone replies, but it didn't!
  4. Another one to add to this thread. As you can see from the attached image, Speccy is showing very different CPU temperatures to Core Temp. It's a dual CPU Supermicro X7DAL-E motherboard, with X5460 quad core Xeons fitted. On several cores, Speccy is showing much higher temperatures than Core Temp on CPU#0, and much lower temperatures on CPU#1!
  5. Would there be any chance of introducing an adjustment for the temperature thresholds in Speccy? The reason I ask is because my system has X5460 Xeon processors fitted, and they are always reported by Speccy as being over normal temperature because they are at over 60 degrees C. In fact they are fine up to 100 degrees according to Core Temp, and 60-70 degrees is perfectly normal for them. Thanks, Dave.
  6. I am using the latest free version of Speccy 1.29.714 with a Supermicro X7DAL-E motherboard. Everything is fine except that Speccy thinks that my board has 8 RAM memory slots, whereas it actually only has 6!
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