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  1. The states are being retained just fine. I just have a total of 4 computers (3 being windows) I work on and recently changed jobs so some of them were systems I had to do a fresh install of windows on. So I missed that check mark on a couple of occasions and had to write down which one not to check. It isn't so much a common occurrance, but Visual Studio is my primary IDE, and resolving the issue is such a bear that it basically knocks me out for an afternoon.
  2. This has been a rather consistent thing, but basically when I start checking items I want to clean, I have to remember to uncheck "Visual Studio Installation Packages". The reason being, it basically breaks the Visual Studio installation so hard that it can't be updated, repaired, or uninstalled because "A dependent package cannot be found". The fix is usually to forcibly wipe the Visual Studio folders entirely and reinstall. A bit of a pain if it just comes about from forgetting to uncheck a box. Has anyone run into this, and found a simpler solution? And is this something CCleaner m
  3. I feel like CCleaner is almost mandatory for Chrome, given all the junk Chrome leaves behind. (Usually hundreds of megs at least, more often several gigs). However, what I notice with browsers like Chrome and Firefox is that running CCleaner makes these browsers log out. As it well should. However, I'm not sure what options to uncheck for Chrome to remain logged in. I also use CCEnhancer, so there are too many options for me to use trial-and-error. Anyone happen to know what setting(s) is associated with keeping chrome logged in? Didn't seem to be passwords or cookies.
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