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  1. I wasn’t sure what was doing this until I tested to make sure why. CCleaner is deleting a lot of my sign in names and passwords or at least signing me out of sites. I have rarely had this happen until a recent version or two. I just can’t be having all of these new sign in problems and I have always just checked internet cache, cookies, download history and last download location. So it seems like the saved passwords etc should still be there. Some sites will still have the passwords if I put in the name although I have been signed out. I mostly use firefox, but I do see that it is deleting IE
  2. Yes that did it. I just tried the unticking the Office selections and that was all I needed. I suppose I could have found it, but rather than do any experimenting myself I thought I'd get it from someone who had done exactly what I needed. Thanks for your help with this.
  3. I believe that ccleaner is deleting my list of Recent Places in my Word 10. I can't find what option I need to modify to stop this. Anyone know what to do for that? Thanks.
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