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  1. Thank you, but i'm not forced to run it as administrator if I want to use Ccleaner, I can normally double click and it runs the program under my user session, though, if I do that, my user don't have enough right to modify the on-start programs, same for your method since it doesn't give admin privilege ? . And if I want to have the proper rights, i need to run as admin and then the only thing i can manage is the on-start programs of my admin session .
  2. Hey, Up ! I Edited my question, hope it's clearer ...
  3. Hello there, I'm so sorry, i'm sure this is a so over-asked question though i couldn't find any topic with the answer. First i run on windows Seven, i have 2 account one admin and one user . Well the problem is that when you run CCleaner as administrator on the user's account it seems to actually manage the administrator account, and not the user's one ... For exemple if i want to manage my on-start programs for my user account, I can't, cause if i don't open CCleaner as admin i don't have enough rights to enable/disable things, and if I do launch CCleaner as admin, the setting works for the administrator session, which is of no use for me since i don't use that session ... I don't know if this is a bug, a lack of knowledge from me, or just something normal ? So let's say my question is : Can I manage my on-start programs on my user session with administrator rights ? How ? thanks for your time.
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