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  1. I have now managed to get it exactly how I wanted. I've got each browser in its own section, each with its own set of independent controls. Doing an 'Analysis' shows the results separately for each browser (even if the same category has been selected for all of them). I really didn't like the fact that by default multiple (Mozilla) browsers get controlled by only one set of checkboxes for Firefox. For ages I thought that I'd made a mistake in my winapp2.ini because even after I had added Waterfox it did not show up anywhere in the main window or in the results. It was only after ages of trying to figure out the problem that I realised the cache size results were incorrect for my Firefox install; it was way too big. I then realised that the "Firefox" result being reported was for both Firefox and Waterfox combined. It was only then that I noticed you can double click on the analysis results to see a breakdown of the individual files and, sure enough, there were items from both browser folder locations listed in the results. Having multiple browsers all listed under a 'Firefox' entry is confusing (and inaccurate). That's why I wanted to use sections to separate them. I therefore scrapped the idea of using winapp2.ini and instead switched to winapp1.ini so that I could make my list from scratch. I didn't want to do this at first because I thought that it would mean me having to manually recreate all of the other sections settings in addition to my own custom browser settings that I was adding. But once I found the ready-made default set of ini entries, it allowed me to still have access to all the built-in defaults, but in a customizable format that I could edit however I wanted.
  2. Hi, thanks for your reply. To clarify, I am not trying to keep different sets of cookies for each browser (the retained cookies will be the same for both browsers as determined by the list in Options Cookies). I just want to be able to decide which browser to clean and when, rather than selecting one checkbox for Firefox and then CCleaner deleting cookies from every single mozilla browser on my system (which is what happens if you use CustomLocation in CCleaner.ini).
  3. I have both Firefox and Waterfox on my system, and I want them managed and cleaned totally independently of each other. I've achieved this by creating a winapp1.ini file where each browser has it's own set of settings that doesn't interfere with the other browser. This works well for instances where files simply need to be deleted (because different paths can be specified for each browser). However, for cookie cleaning the default built-in CCleaner method doesn't just delete the entire cookie file, but rather it retains certain cookies in accordance with the user-specified settings on the CCleaner > Options > Cookies page (so that important cookies don't get deleted while unimportant ones are removed). The internal CCleaner command for this is: SpecialKey1=N_MOZ_COOKIES Is it possible to use this command (or something similar) for each browser independently so that it does not affect both browsers at the same time? It seems to me that it is probably hard-coded to only work with Firefox (or any other browser specified using CustomLocation1= in the ccleaner.ini file). Is there a way that I can achieve this cookie selective cleaning (instead of total deletion) for just Waterfox, without it also affecting my Firefox install? Thanks
  4. Seeing as my post was not answered and just moved to "Feature Request" (even though I was not making a feature request) I'll take that as a "No" to both of my questions then.
  5. I've created a Winapp2.ini file from scratch in order to include some additions to the CCleaner Applications list. I have created a new Section, but there are a couple of issue: 1. Is it possible to specify the location of the new section? (it currently always appears at the very bottom of the list, regardless of what the name of the new section is). 2. Is it possible to assign an icon to the section (seeing as all the other sections have icons). To clarify, I am not talking about adding an icon beside an individual application name entry, I'm talking about the new Section header.
  6. Defraggler retains its last used window size and position (including the position of the horizontal divider between the drive list and the drive map). However, it does not retain its column widths. I am constantly having to resize the columns so that they fit the information and I can see it all at once. But as soon as I close and reopen the window, all of the columns all revert to their original (too small) sizing, whereas all other window elements retain their user-adjusted state. I would very much appreciate a fix for this, in order to prevent the constant need for resizing the columns whenever the Defraggler window is opened. Thank you.
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