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  1. He means that if your drive is in use by Windows or any other program, that program will write on the disk and ovewrite deleted files. The best thing to do when you want to recover a disk is to plug it as a secondary disk, whilist your main disks has Windows, recuva and the rest of programs.
  2. So here is my yearly +1. Mostly cause I saw the new feature of "software updater" and pumped my enthusiasm for this program. Also I raged cause avast installed itself again and I need to do something with that rage.
  3. I think this was a good suggestion. The list sometimes goes long (mostly due to runtimes like vc, java, etc), adding the apps that i will almost never uninstall makes it even longer and hard to find what i want.
  4. Windows 10 is loaded with crapps useful apps, but they are so many that it would be useful that instead of having them all in the uninstall menu, put them in another tab in the uninstall menu.
  5. Im not sure about that. I have indexing service disabled. Also it seems that it was the own defraggler the one who fragmented the drive. It was blocky blue when I analyzed, then when I started it, it moved blue blocks to empty space to then put them again. I mean, it wasnt fragmented before the defrag.
  6. Why would Windows fragment files deliberately without needing it? Just to be clear, it was the storage drive, not the drive where Windows is installed.
  7. I defragged my drive, all nice and blue and stacked together, it was completed at 100%. Then, just for curiosity I tried with clicking on defrag again hoping it would just be instant 100% and surprisingly it started to defrag, moving out blue files, making red and, to sum up, defragging again. Might this be a bug? Did defraggler found a new order the second time better than the first time? However that drive wasnt almost modified at all, its the storage drive which I would say not even the 0.5% of it was modified by me or other programs in the time the first defrag lasted. Im tempted to try to press the button a third time, but it takes a couple of hours...
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