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  1. I now think it's WinZip that's doing the pop-ups, not CCleaner -- based on the vice logo. If so, I didn't realize WZ had a clean function. I've uninstalled WZ to see if that solves my problem. Apologies for looking in the wrong direction, but the pop-ups started right after I installed CCleaner.
  2. Windows 7 Home Premium + Service Pack 1 CCleaner v.5.16.5551 (64-bit) Screen shot of one of the pop-ups is attached.
  3. No, monitoring is off.
  4. I'm a new user with the freeware version. Two suggestions: (1) I _hate_ the pop-up windows suggesting I clean. There should be a way to disable the pop-ups. (2) I can find no documentation on what happens if I click the "Take Action" box in a pop-up window. Does it start cleaning, or does it take me to a window where I can control the cleaning process?
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