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  1. Hello, I have just joined the forum and this is my first post. I have used CCleaner for many years, but in the last few months I was having some issues. I use Torch Browser (built on Chrome engine) and I use a specific extension called FVD Speed Dial that makes image dials to my favourite sites under various categories. Over the past few months CCleaner, started wiping out these dials (which never happened before). The extension on every browser bootup, would take a few minutes to try and retrieve the dials and restore them. I played around with CCleaners' Exclude list to find the path and stop this happening, but had no success, because I still wanted to clean out browser cache, history etc BUT protect my speed dials. Today, I found my solution, the correct path, and now it works fine, WHICH.....leads me to my suggestion for CCleaner. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The image below is the Exclude list panel when entering a path. Is it possible to add an extra field for adding comments? This would be like any good programmer who always adds comments to his code, functions, variables etc. In this image below, I have shown what it might look like afterwards. This would help users, who add paths to the Include / Exclude lists. By glancing at the comments, it tells you why you have excluded/included the path/file. That is my suggestion and I apologise if it has been suggested/mentioned before. Thank you.
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