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  1. Hi Ben Thanks for your reply. I was concerned that my credit card would be auto-billed. Regards Geoff
  2. v5.51.6939 (64 bit) One of your contributors suggested that under License Information there is now a Subscription Management button. I have v5.51.6939 and the only button under License Information is "Close". How do I cancel my subscription?
  3. Thank you for your reply to my query. As you suggested, I unticked all the boxes under Windows Explorer in CC and ran CC. It did NOT remove the Recent Files in File Explorer. Your suggestion solves my problem - thank you.
  4. When I run CCleaner, it removes all the 'Recent Files' links which were listed in Windows 10 File Explorer. The CCleaner settings have not been changed from the default. I do not think that CCleaner should remove File Explorer's 'Recent Files' links by default. How do you stop CCleaner removing these links? Does anybody else have the same problem?
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