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  1. I hope this works (screenshot). The whole health tab won't show (its too big), but there are no entries highlighted in red (or any other color). The HD is about 11 months old. BTW, it took just over eight hours to defrag the E: partition, even though there is only 80 GB used on a 1 TB partition. You can see on the screenshot that the defrag was successful - 0% fragmented (started at 11% fragmented). Click on the screenshot to make it bigger.
  2. System: Motherboard: ASRock H170 Fatal1ty CPU: Intel i3 CORE 6100 OS: Windows 10 Main HDD: Seagate ST 3000M001 (3 TB) 5 Logical Partitions, SATA #1 Before defragging, I scanned and repaired the E: partition, then uninstalled the two problematical programs (games), then cleaned the registry (with CCleaner), then attempted the defragging. I did scan the other four logical partitions, but they did not show any problems. Problem: When analyzing any of the 5 Logical Partitions I get the following message: Health: Warning! Defragger does not say what the Warning! relates to. What am I being warned about? Also, its taking an inordinate amount of time to defrag one of the logical partitions (E: 1TB size, 75.1 GB used). Its been operating for around three hours now. The 'time indicator' can go from 15 minutes to over 12 hours. I know its doing something because the blocks switch colors (yellow [reading], green [writing]). After so long, its only at 26% defragging and 9 hours left to go. I did Benchmark this drive, and got a lot of information in the 'Health' tab, Unfortunately, I can't make head or tails of the info. What's good, what's bad, and what is that Warning! about???
  3. I've been using CCleaner for quite some time, and purchased a license for CCleaner Pro. Now I'm building a new system since Microsoft dropped support for Windows XP (thanks a heap Microsoft). Upgrading the whole system including Windows 10 OS, new HDDs and SSD. Once I have the system up and running, how do I get CCleaner back onto the new system? I have already saved my License Key and Reference Number to a USB External HDD. It should be able to be read by the new system via the USB. Can I download the new CCleaner to the external drive today, install to the new system later, and just enter the License info to get it running? Or should I download the new program after I get it running, and install then?
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