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    ext4 recovery?

    i have tried ext2fsd and extfs for windows and in both cases windows can't read the drive... do you remember which software you used? also, my case is the following i lost all my files in the drive (ext4) if i format to ntfs (in case i cant get recuva to read the drive) would i be able to recover them? thanks bro.
  2. ff-rec

    ext4 recovery?

    windows is having a hard time reading the drive actually...
  3. ff-rec

    ext4 recovery?

    The latest version seems to do it: http://www.piriform.com/news/release-announcements/2015/4/7/recuva-v152
  4. ff-rec

    ext4 recovery?

    if this seems hard to do, i was thinking of formatting the hard drive to ntfs and then try to recover... would that work?
  5. ff-rec

    ext4 recovery?

    Hello, I need to recover all the files from my ext4 hd. I am using windows 7 and the latest version of Recuva but it can't access the hd. Any help please?
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