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  1. I have a Maximus IV Extreme-Z Asus motherboard that Speccy reports at 141 degrees F. The bios reports the same temperature at 90 degrees F. All other temperatures appear to be within the same ranges. Any thoughts?
  2. Perhaps this is premature, however evaluating Windows 7 RC has revealed a minor anomaly with CC Cleaner and Sidebar Gagets. When CC Cleaner boots, the gagets appear over the program. Clicking on the desk top removes them. Any suggestions? All other aspects of the CC Cleaner program appear to be working well. This issue has not as yet shown up on any other running program. By the way, if you have a chance to play around with Windows 7 it is well worth the effort. Great OS.
  3. Yes, I am also experiencing the same problem with IE8 cookies. Must have something to do with the In Private Browsing and the way those cookies are handled. However, you can still exclude the two index.dat files in the c:/user/*NAME*/appdata/roaming/microsoft/windows/cookies/ & /low. Not an elegant fix but it works.
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