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  1. It is on topic though. CCleaner damages Windows 10 and as such it makes sense that MS would discourage its use.
  2. Reinstalling all of my other programs too. ArcGIS, VS, etc. That takes a while. And CCleaner managed to break Windows so badly that I can't even use the recovery reinstallation option. That is not a trivial issue. CCleaner is fatally flawed. No software should kill someone's computer so easily.
  3. Windows 10 was up to date. I did not use the registry cleaner. I used to be a CCleaner advocate and would regularly use it. Default settings, minus some browser stuff, plus clean up old windows installations. No warning message or anything it wiped most of Windows. Now I need cancel all of my plans to spend all day fixing my computer because you guys thought deleting the operating system (rather than cleaning up windows.old) was a good idea. Thanks.
  4. ** remarks removed by moderator Please keep all your comments in the other thread. Please behave on forum when someone is trying to help answer your questions.
  5. I ran CCleaner. Immediately afterward, no programs could launch. After restarting, Windows could not load. Refresh Windows. Still can't load. Windows needs to be totally reinstalled. CCleaner broke it that badly.
  6. Same for me. Piriform know their product is faulty but they aren't doing anything about it. CCleaner (just the normal default cleaner, not even the registry tool) totally destroyed my Windows installation costing me a day of my life fixing my computer after Piriform broke it.
  7. Confirmed, CCleaner just broke my Windows installation. Now I get to spend today fixing my computer after Piriform's incompetence killed it. CCleaner is malware now. Thanks, Piriform.
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