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  1. I opened winapp2.ini I am noticing that all references to Firefox and thunderbird are referring to hdd folders FileKey1=%AppData%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\* and FileKey1=%AppData%\Thunderbird\Profiles\* whereas I have moved my ff and tb to E:\MyData\ff\Profiles\ffprofile2 and E:\MyData\tb\profiles\tbprofile1 These are working well as I have put the relevant entries in profiles.ini files. So, does it mean that winapp2.ini is not able to help detect my moved profiles? But I find that ccleaner does clean my ff and tb and there are entries in the log saying so many MB
  2. trim.bat issues. 1. at a point it said "OOPS - using not default ccleaner" What was that for and how did it affect me? I am on ccleaner 5.03. Did it mean that I was not having latest version? 2. at a point it said "Reporting "BAD" volatile Detections in file #_?_BAD_*_WINAPP2.INI" I selected "preserve". What was that for and how did it affect me? 3. first I had run trim.bat in my backup folder thinking that I would trim the file here and then more to ccleaner installation folder. but it didn't run. then I ran in ccleaner installation folder and ran. in my backu
  3. As winapp2.ini was taking a long time to load, I followed suggestions and ran trim.bat and now my winapp2.ini is reduced from 828kb to a comfirtable 81 kb, less than one tenth, and is taking no visible time in loading. Thanks for this help.
  4. Please help me with adding Firefox Light browser entries in cleaner. seeing suggestions in this forum, I added to ccleaner.ini - CustomLocation1=FIREFOX Light|E:\MyData\light\Light\Profiles\lightprofile1 but nothing is appearing in ccleaner. this is the folder where my Firefox light profile resides, with the nomenclature of standard firefox. What did I miss? Thanks.
  5. Please add a line in this file, right at top most, saying "save this file to ccleaner installation folder which is usually c:\Program Files\Ccleaner" for rat-brained dumbos like me, who download this file and don't know what to do with this. Another tip will help, saying "you need not close/ restart ccleaner. just go to Cleaner - Application tab to see what new entries are appearing." Thanks. -- Rawat
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