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  1. Slimcleaner is showing more "startup" entries whereas windows - task manager - startup and ccleaner - tools - startup is showing only one entry (ccleaner monitoring) of course, remaining are Microsoft's files only, so nothing to get worried, but still, why shouldn't ccleaner show everything that is there? On what criteria does ccleaner decide what is very much in startup but not to be shown to users? Thanks. -- Rawat
  2. I opened winapp2.ini I am noticing that all references to Firefox and thunderbird are referring to hdd folders FileKey1=%AppData%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\* and FileKey1=%AppData%\Thunderbird\Profiles\* whereas I have moved my ff and tb to E:\MyData\ff\Profiles\ffprofile2 and E:\MyData\tb\profiles\tbprofile1 These are working well as I have put the relevant entries in profiles.ini files. So, does it mean that winapp2.ini is not able to help detect my moved profiles? But I find that ccleaner does clean my ff and tb and there are entries in the log saying so many MB cleared. probably default setup of ccleaner is able to detect my locations to new moved locations. so, could you please confirm again that I need to manually edit winapp2.ini file to change the hdd folder references to E:\MyData\ff\profiles\* and E:\MyData\tb\profiles\* And there I add Light's moved profile location also. Thanks.
  3. trim.bat issues. 1. at a point it said "OOPS - using not default ccleaner" What was that for and how did it affect me? I am on ccleaner 5.03. Did it mean that I was not having latest version? 2. at a point it said "Reporting "BAD" volatile Detections in file #_?_BAD_*_WINAPP2.INI" I selected "preserve". What was that for and how did it affect me? 3. first I had run trim.bat in my backup folder thinking that I would trim the file here and then more to ccleaner installation folder. but it didn't run. then I ran in ccleaner installation folder and ran. in my backup folder run, 3.a. it didn't give any message and ended. I kept waiting for it to end. Then I realized and ran in ccleaner installation folder. I mean, it should give message what it has done, and why it is not able to proceed. 3.b Then it had created #TRIMMER folder in my backup folder, which it didn't remove (nor asked me whether to delete or not, as it asked in run from ccleaner installation folder) housekeeping alert. :-) :-) 3. it left a @_#_7_BAD_FULL.LST file. What to do with it? Is it needed for winapp2.ini to work or should I delete it? If it is not required, shouldn't it be created in #TRIMMER folder itself so that it would have got deleted or not depending on user choice. And if it is related to my above "BAD" message (point 2 above) (as the name suggests), there should be a message suggesting the user what to do with entries in this file. Thanks.
  4. As winapp2.ini was taking a long time to load, I followed suggestions and ran trim.bat and now my winapp2.ini is reduced from 828kb to a comfirtable 81 kb, less than one tenth, and is taking no visible time in loading. Thanks for this help.
  5. Please help me with adding Firefox Light browser entries in cleaner. seeing suggestions in this forum, I added to ccleaner.ini - CustomLocation1=FIREFOX Light|E:\MyData\light\Light\Profiles\lightprofile1 but nothing is appearing in ccleaner. this is the folder where my Firefox light profile resides, with the nomenclature of standard firefox. What did I miss? Thanks.
  6. In ccleaner's list, there is a " * " star appearing with some of them. the window doesn't say what that indicates. what is * in, say, Applications - Firefox - Chatzila* (How many users will go through huge help or come to this forum to ask such tiny things? I gess, ccleaner should specify such things right in the window where these are displayed.) Thanks.
  7. I had added this to ccleaner.ini CustomLocation1=FIREFOX Light|E:\MyData\light\Light\Profiles\lightprofile1 The folder is my light profile folder, which follows the same nomenclature as standard firefox. But there is a single entry of FIREFOX appearing, and I do have firefox, so I guess this entry is for main firefox, not for light. Hope someone would give me entry (even for some other non-standard browser) so that I can convert that to my light entries and add to ccleaner. Of course, I might have missed it in the long list of winapp2.ini increased no. of entries, but I had a cursory look. I guess "CustomLocations" entries should appear as separate group in ccleaner so that these are easier to identify by the user. And whatever name the use has given in "CustomLocations", that exact name should appear in ccleaner to help user identify without ambiguation. Of course the user can give same name, that is users choice and his funeral. Thanks.
  8. Thanks for the tip. I downloaded and ran trim.bat and not my winapp2.ini is reduced to some 81 KB, and hardly takes time to load. Thanks.
  9. yeah, we can name that while saving. often I forget that I will be running the same thing in other os, so... oh, this is not complete registry file. Thanks for telling, I was not aware of that. Really never had any problem with ccleaner's registry cleanup so never needed this file. Still I was keeping it as a backup of full registry, just in case I ever need that. Now, I guess, I can delete them after my system has run safely for one or two days after registry cleanup. Thanks. -- Rawat
  10. yes, I had monitoring turned on. I turned it off completely and and then rebooted. but that didn't solve the problem. UAC is still appearing on boot. I have turned it on again. Thanks.
  11. I saw the first page but I guess so much technical jargon is beyond my comprehension, and I wouldn't be able use this method. Some easier method would help. seeing second page, I added this entry at the end of ccleaner.ini CustomLocation1=FIREFOX|E:\MyData\light\Light\Profiles\lightprofile1 and restarted cclener, but nothing new is appearing in my Windows or Applications tabs. :-( Thanks.
  12. wow. I downloaded that, and now my APPLICATION tab is showing hundreds of new entries. I shall take time to go through all of them and figure out how that helps my issue. Thanks for the prompt and exact tip. (sad that the site is saying that I have reached my quota of positive votes for the day" so I couldn't LIKE your post. surprising that I made my account today and didn't like any single post so far, even then my quota is exceeded.)
  13. Please add a line in this file, right at top most, saying "save this file to ccleaner installation folder which is usually c:\Program Files\Ccleaner" for rat-brained dumbos like me, who download this file and don't know what to do with this. Another tip will help, saying "you need not close/ restart ccleaner. just go to Cleaner - Application tab to see what new entries are appearing." Thanks. -- Rawat
  14. I have w7, w8 and w10 multiboot on my pc, all are working. I run ccleaner on all three independently. I find that when I backed up registry within ccleaner, it saved with a name "cc_20160501_071505.reg", I think first one "20160501" is the date, and I don't know what second one "071505" is? The problem is, I now have 5-6 registry backups created by ccleaner, and I don't know which one is of w7, w8 or w10, so these are effectively useless for me. I can't even delete older version, not knowing which one is which. Please make the filename more elaborate, include "operating system name, bit size", so that user can decipher it, back up it for safe keeping, or whatever. Without this clarity, user will not even be able to restore registry in case of any problem, because the use would not know which file is for which os. (of course, user can use other guess method like date of back up creation.) also what that second one "071505" is? if it is not relevant to user, please don't include in the file name. If it can be decoded to o.s. name, please share naming method with us. Edited: I use 5.03 version. Thanks. -- Rawat
  15. When the system boots up, piriform's UAC confirmation dialogue is appearing in w8-32 bit. Seeing the suggestion on this site and elsewhere on net, I uninstalled and reinstalled ccleaner twice but the dialogue is still appearing. second time I had uninstalled it using REVO uninstaller so that it would have cleaned registry for all mention of ccleaner, but it said it didn't find any mention of ccleaner in registry. That either means that you are uninstalling cleaner well that cleans all registry entry, or some problem with revo. At this second time, I had manually deleted ccleaner task from task scheduler after uninstalling. When I went to delete that manually in computer management - task scheduler, on selecting delete, it had said that "Transaction support within the required resources was not started or shut down, so can't modify it." and didn't delete it. then I went to system32\tasks and manually deleted ccleaner entry. 1. In the attached pic 1, task manager is showing 3 entries for ccleaner. I don't know whether it is the reason for this prompt appearing. I am sure only single entry should appear, and I don't know where these 3 entries are stored on harddisk or in registry so I am not able to delete two of them manually. Interestingly, task scheduler is NOT showing any single entry now. 2. In the attached pic 2, when I open ccleaner, Options - Advanced, and tick to "Skip UAC prompt', it says "can't create an entry which is already created. Please resolve. Thanks. -- Rawat
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