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  1. Hi Tom, Thanks for great answers. This sounds great, my biggest wish is actually a parental control-like function. Hope this comes soon! Give the developers a fresh cup of coffee and a clap on the shoulder from me!
  2. Hi hazelnut, Thanks for the response on my post. I don't use a business license on my work. I use the free version on different computers. It's not that all on my work have CCleaner installed the scenario is more like costumers comes to us with slow PC's etc and then I download CCleaner to speed them up and clean up some junk files, meanwhile I focus on the real problem with the computer. I tough this was one way to contact them? But this list is just suggestions to the Cloud application
  3. Hi trium, I don't agree. In the timezone UTC +01.00 Stockholm is included and I live in Sweden and I see this as an correct written date. Peace LamaGuru
  4. Hi Piriform Team, I work as an IT-technician in Sweden and often use CCleaner in work (not cloud) in daily basis to clean and speed up computers. This saves me a lot of time, thanks. But I use the Cloud option on daily basis as well to manage some computers on in my fathers company. (and to monitor some private servers) My toughs with this suggestions is to make CCleaner Cloud a more high end, professional tool with many functions. It's really something great started already. It has a clean, fast and powerful UI but sadly misses some important functions to make it super great! L
  5. Hi Piriform, I would like to start by saying that I really love CCleaner Cloud, and I think I share that with so many others out there. It's really simple, powerful and cheap. Gives a great overview of the operation systems system health and great e-mail warning features. Me myself use it to have smooth easy control over my server that is installed a few miles away, and give me a quick hint if something goes wrong with it. I really don't use the CCleaner functions to its max, I just love the overview and control features. So I would be really happy if the team would like to continu
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